Judge Lauren Erickson


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Why I Am Running

The position of Superior Court Judge requires the experience, judicial temperament and commitment to community that I bring to the bench. Having worked continuously in the Clallam County legal system for 25 years, I bring a deep well of experience and institutional knowledge that is only possible through long service.

Superior Court Judge is the most important legal position in the County. As a community, we want a Superior Court Judge who has earned our trust over a long period of time. My fellow citizens have been able to see my performance of the court’s duties over many years and in many different roles. My record of accomplishments has given the citizens of Clallam County the opportunity to know and trust me first hand.

Additionally, I have a strong belief in the effectiveness of problem-solving courts. I want to maintain the County’s commitment to Drug Court and to help establish a mental health court.

Judge Lauren EricksonWhy I’m Asking for Your Vote

I am deeply committed to guaranteeing that all who appear in Clallam County Superior Court are provided nothing short of full equality under the law. In addition to my work as an experienced prosecutor, I also worked as a public defender for almost ten years. I have extensive experience representing people who have been historically marginalized, including members of ethnic groups, people with mental and substance abuse disorders, and people with developmental disabilities.

Clallam County is facing a level of serious crime that is unprecedented. We have pending triple and quadruple homicide cases. Those cases will require the skill and experience that I bring. My opponent in this race has never practiced law in Clallam County nor represented anyone in any Clallam County Court. This is no time for someone to learn on the job.

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Clallam County deserves to have judges who have the skill and experience necessary to meet the challenges ahead. I ask for your vote so I can continue to work to elevate the standard of justice in Clallam County. Thank you for your support.

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